The Land

7,973 Acres

Bear Mountain Ranch is a 7,973 acre ranch bordering the Manti-La Sal National Forest situated southeast of Mount Pleasant in Central Utah.  Beginning at 6,200 feet in elevation, the western section of the ranch is farmland with irrigated pastures ideal for raising cattle. The property then rises through moderately sloping benches before climbing to a series of pine and aspen covered canyons and alpine peaks with the highest reaching an exceptional 10,300 feet. There are over 50 miles of roads and trails within the boundaries of the ranch that provide endless opportunities to enjoy the entire property in the comfort of your truck, ATV, on the back of a horse, on a mountain bike, or on foot.   

Bear Mountain Ranch is certainly a special place.  The 7,973 acres is the equivalent to around 12 square miles.  At its longest point, the ridgeline runs for five miles from north to south.  It encompasses six major canyons each with their own creeks and streams.  The north section is the most remote.  It also has some of the biggest animals on it.   

The property borders the Manti-La Sal National Forest.  In this part of the national forest there is an area called the Skyline Drive just east of the property boundary.  This is easily one of the greatest snowmobiling and recreation areas in the state of Utah. 

The ranch is primarily used for hunting and recreation.  They run about 60-80 head of cattle.  They irrigate over 100 acres of the lower land.  In the past they cut hay on this and would get about 3-4 tons per acre with 2 cuts a season and then they let the animals graze the rest.    

There are 6 major canyons within the boundaries of the ranch.

  • South Fork of Coal Fork 
  • North Fork of Coal Fork 
  • Dry Pole Fork 
  • Straight Fork of Pleasant Creek 
  • Blue Slide Fork 
  • North Fork Pleasant Creek  

The southernmost canyon is the South Fork of Coal Fork. This area provides some of the best recreational opportunities on the ranch. It has well-maintained roads with side trails that wind up beautiful aspen and pine covered terrain until reaching the highest point of the ranch that stands at 10,300 feet in elevation. The views from this peak are incredible and it is easily accessible via a moderate hike from the road. A short distance below this peak the owners have built a small hunting cabin to provide shelter and a place to rest and enjoy the alpine beauty of the area. South Fork is a great place to take family and guests to spend an afternoon playing and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. It is also an ideal location to witness one of the dramatic sunsets that bless the area every night.  

The North Fork of Coal Fork possess a rugged beauty that is highlighted by thick pine forests, beautiful rock outcroppings, and gorgeous stands of aspens.  

Dry Pole Fork is highlighted by large power lines that extend through the ranch and run into the national forest.  There is a dirt road that runs under the power lines with a side road halfway up that branches out over the northern ridge and winds around to the lodge.  The views are incredible.  The southern facing side of the canyon is coated with natural grasses and oak while the north-facing area has enormous aspen groves interspersed with thick pines.  

At the bottom of the Straight Fork of Pleasant Creek runs a county road that provides public access from Mount Pleasant to the Skyline Drive.  The ranch boundaries are clearly posted on both sides of the road.  This is a stunningly beautiful canyon that gives guests of the ranch easy access into the Manti-La Sal National Forest.  This road is not plowed during the winter, but it is used for snowmobiling.     

Blue Slide Fork and the North Fork of Pleasant Creek are more remote areas of the ranch.  The ranch boundary in the North Fork of Pleasant Creek extends far up the canyon.  Some of the largest bull elk taken on the ranch have been in the thick pine forests of this area.