Bear Mountain Ranch is part of the Utah Cooperative Wildlife Management Units (CWMU) program.  This program works with private landowners to help keep the lands open as wildlife habitat instead of developing them.  It gives sportsmen more opportunities to take large animals while competing with fewer hunters.  As part of this program, Bear Mountain Ranch receives 6 bull elk tags and 9 buck deer tags.  In return the state receives 1 bull elk tag, 1 buck deer tag, and 15 cow elk tags that are placed in the state's public drawing.  

The largest bull taken on the ranch scored 374.  They have killed a number in the 350 to 360 range, and consistently harvest animals in the 330 to 350 range.  In addition to elk and deer, they also hunt bear, mountain lion and turkeys on the property.     

According to the Boone and Crocket list, some of the largest black bears in Utah have come out of this country.  In fact, the world record black bear was found in Sanpete County, Utah.  Back in 1970, the world record black bear at the time was shot in Sanpete County.  Legend has it this was taken on the ranch.  There is a long history of large bears in the area and the name of the ranch stems from this.       

The owners of Bear Mountain Ranch have made creating a healthy environment for wildlife a priority.  Recently, they have been working to clear around 500 acres of cedar trees and then replant this with native seed to make better feeding grounds for the wildlife.